Every year the Bozeman School District ask voters to approve two operating levies to reduce a projected budget shortfall. This year, those levies will be as follows:
Elementary Annual General Fund Operating Levy
Elementary Trustees are requesting a $115,000 General Fund operating levy increase to maximize the purchasing power (budget authority) for programs and personnel.  If approved, this request would permanently raise property taxes for a home with an assessed market value of $100,000 by approximately $1.00 per year. (Assessed market value is generally less than the market price of a home in the Bozeman area.)  
Elementary Building Reserve Levy
Building Reserve levies are used to maintain the District’s buildings and grounds.  A $1.5 million per year Elementary Building Reserve levy has been in place for the last six years, but it will expire this year.  The District used this levy to fund projects such as roof repairs and maintenance, adding an elevator at Irving School, playground improvements, and classroom renovations.
A $2 million annual levy is being requested to replace the expiring $1.5 million levy.  The increase is being requested to offset inflation and maintain the additional space added since the last Building Reserve was approved.
Elementary Building Reserve Levy ($2 million/year for 6 years; $12 million total)
  • Tax increase would be approximately $17.28 annually for a home with an assessed market value of $100,000.   However, the expiration of the existing Building Reserve Levy will offset this amount by $12.96 for a net taxpayer impact of approximately $4.32 annually for a home with a $100,000 assessed market value.
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