The Bozeman School District is asking voters to approve a $125 Million High School District Bond to build the new high school facility and renovate the existing high school campus.   Here is a great video of Rob Watson explaining the history of the high school proposal, the proposed plan for a new school and the needed renovations of the current BHS facilities. 
This bond would include: 
A New High School, including:
  • A 304,000 square foot building with:
    • 1500 student capacity ​
    • 72 teaching stations
    • 2500 seat gym
    • 2 auxillary gyms
    • auditorium
    • Classrooms for 21st century learning
  • The site will include:​
    • 900 staff/student parking spaces​
    • 10 lane running track
    • 1 competition soccer field
    • 2 practice fields
    • 8 tennis courts
    • 2 softball fields​
Renovations to the existing high school, including:
  • A 374,900 square foot building with improved function and energy efficiency:
    • 1500 student capacity ​
    • 72 teaching station
    • auditorium
  • Site improvements including:​
    • Upgraded student/staff parking​
    • Upgraded bus/parent drop-off
    • New south bleachers with 2400 person capacity (shared competition football field for both high schools)
    • 10 lane running track
    • 1 turf field (Did you know?!  Turf fields are estimated to save between 1,000,000-3,000,000 gallons of water each year, and 8,000 lbs. of pesticides. Additionally, turf fields extend the ‘playable’ months significantly for users, making the cost of using turf over 10 years approximately $22/hour vs. $31/hour for natural grass))
Cost Break Down:
  • Construction costs: $87.3M
  • Site Work: $12.1M (excavation, roads, fields, parking lots)
  • Soft Costs: $25.6M
    • furniture, fixtures and equipment
    • consultant design fees
    • geotechnical report, site survey
    • Public, Agency & Utility Infrastructure Fees
    • Contingencies & escalation costs
    • Legal, bonding fees
    • 3rd Party commissioning
  • Total Cost: $125M
If you are concerned about the tax impact of this project, check out opportunities for tax relief here: 
More information regarding Future High School Facilities Planning, how the plan was developed and what it entails are available at: