Lincolns For Levies (L4L) was established in 2008 (then called Advocates for Responsible School Funding) by a handful of parents who saw a need to inform and educate Bozeman about the importance of passing local school levies and how the Bozeman Districts get operational funding from the State.
It is important for voters to know:
The State legislature, through a complex funding formula, dictates the annual minimum and maximum budgets for all school districts in Montana.  How many actual dollars school districts receive for their minimum budgets depends on how many dollars the State actually allots to the various funding formula components.
State law mandates that the legislature increase the main formula funding components up to a maximum of 3%.   The funding for the minimum budget comes from a combination of state and local property taxes which are automatically assessed and provide for 80% of the maximum budget allowable.  If a school district wants to take advantage of 100% of the maximum budget it must run local levy annually. 
Generally there is no State funding method for building maintenance, renovating existing facilities or building new facilities. Funding is primarily the responsibility of the Taxpayers of the School District.